Just like Dust in an empty swimming pool

Stoke-on-Trent is aiming for City of Culture 2021. I celebrated by visiting an empty swimming pool full of art.


Our Sunday Photo: Back To Pokemon Hunting

We’re back to Pokemon hunting. Apparently all thanks to YouTube (and the hundreds of fascinating America families who kids seem to be entranced by). They’ve caught them on the way to Asda to do the big shop. They’ve walk specifically to the pub to catch a rare one. It’s all systems go. Regardless of how…

Tales of the toe

There are many hazards to being a mum. I know girls are probably just as bad, but the old adage of boys not being for the feint hearted is definitely true in this household. From 10 months old this little s**t has climbed on, run into, jumped off, and banged his head/feet/elbows/shins on every single…

8 years & a lot of change

A lot has changed in the 8 years since Barack Obama was a gift to the world. Here’s my reflection on where I was 8 years ago to the day.

No Day Like A Snow Day

I said I loved snow yesterday. Then I realised it’s now Friday 13th and it’s snowing – and I’ve jinxed it.

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