Dear UK, it’s snowing

We’re in the UK, it’s January and it’s starting to snow.

It was going to come around eventually.

Crack out your memes of “omg Facebook says it’s snowing for all the people who don’t have windows” if you have to, I do not care.

Panic buy bread and milk so that you don’t have to go outside for at least 48 hours, I do not mind that either.

Because it’s snowing.

And for the next 54 flakes that will fall and melt away almost instantly I shall be Lorelai Gilmore* (if you don’t know what that means, find out more below – and also we can’t be friends).

The older I get the more I realise that I may be one of the few remaining adults in the world that loves snow. I have yet to meet another like me but I know they must be out there somewhere. The snow watchers and encouragers.

I’ve had no particular snow experience in my life that makes my heart leap when that first flurry gets stuck to my eyelash (and I madly try to blink it away in the middle of Asda so that I look like I’ve got something medical professionals should probably take a look at) but there it is. Even the tiniest number of flakes are going to get my attention.

I don’t mean to brag but because we live near traffic lights, our snow also glows green and red at various intervals. *mic drop*

“It’s sticking”

“Oh, it’s stopped”

‘It’s really coming down now”

“Oh no, it’s stopped, again”

In the UK we’re used to being weather obsessed and we’re used to the dreary and the wet. So, if by some minor chance, we actually get enough of the white stuff for one snow ball, make it.

Just for one day, or even just for the five minutes where the sky actual shows some effort with its snowfall, let’s pretend we’re four again. Although, ironically, my four year old doesn’t actually like snow.

Can we just give it a rest of the moaning and marvel at how pretty it is? How we’re lucky to experience it. How we’re lucky that we don’t have to live in six foot of it for several months of the year. Even if just for the duration of one cup of hot chocolate.

I’m pretty sure we won’t get enough snow to shut down the Starbucks drive thru so please don’t panic.

Also, a little secret. Pure snow, especially if we get sunshine, is natures Instagram filter. You will never look more effortlessly perfect without technological help.

*quick snow check* “Still coming down out there”

So¬†if it’s still a little white outside tomorrow, just appreciate it for a second, then wrap up warm and be very careful.

Especially on the roads Рthere are enough nutters about as it is, as my mother says.

Each of those snow flakes are as different as we are, or something equally as hippy, but channel your inner Lorelai Gilmore and enjoy it anyway.

Video courtesy of 123jkloljk on YouTube



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