No Day Like A Snow Day

As soon as I published yesterdays blog post ‘Dear UK, it’s snowing’ I thought ‘SHIT!!’.

I completely forgot that today was Friday 13th and not only had I jinxed myself by saying I loved snow, but I had an added layer of something going awry – and it kind of did.

For once we got MORE snow than BBC weather promised. When we woke up for school it was still coming down and Jim and I had a good old rendition of ‘the snow fell fast and the wind blew wild’.

As I wrote yesterday, snow is the perfect filter for photos and one of my aims for 2017 is to take my poor neglected DSLR (not that I condone taking sides in the photography brand war but my side is Canon) so it looks like for this week I was going to have a model. Dammit, if he isn’t the perfect model.

So here is a quick share of just some of my favourites from today.

Snow Day - Friday 13th January 2017

Considering two years ago, and possibly even last year, he was afraid of most new things including touching snow, he’s now commando crawling like a pro. He’s growing. He could be an army man – if they had snow specialists (they could do, I don’t know).

Snow Day - Friday 13th January 2017

I don’t know if as feminists we’re allowed to say ‘boys will be boys’ anymore but if there is something to throw and aim at then Jim is going to do it. He’s also going to embrace his sensitive and outgoing side and do it in bright colours. My shopping sprees in Trespass and Go Outdoors last January don’t seem so frivolous now he’s kitted out enough to be ready for the European slopes.

Snow Day - Friday 13th January 2017

So that was an hour or so of our afternoon in photos. The white stuff dripped and melted the whole time and at one point I made a quick dash away from a tree with a disturbing squeaking (slightly farty) noise.

I now have an adopted snowball in the freezer next to the gluten free doughnuts and we had some quality time after a long week (which I will insert the link to when I finally write it).

I hope the snow has been kind to you – we’re due some more before bedtime so I will be curtain twitching for the next few hours again. It’s also a full moon. Stay safe from werewolves.


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