Our Sunday Photo: Ready, Set, Race

Half Term is nearly over and spending time with this little ninja has been absolutely joyous.

Nothing, nothing, nothing, brings you down to earth like time spent with a child and it has blown away the cobwebs and first world problems. It’s also blown my mind at how well his reading has progressed in the two seconds I’ve looked away.

We haven’t been able to get outside much but yesterday we threw caution to the wind and the rain and the cold and did some bicycle laps. There seemed to be a lot of cheating going on – although not from me, of course.

Ready, Set, Race

The camera got a much needed workout after being neglected during the last few weeks. This photo was taken from the angle I was holding the camera while we were racing.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. It’s nice that the weather is improving to get some fresh air

    Thank you for linking up


  2. Tamar says:

    The weather for my half term was amazing too! Glad you had a lovely week!


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