Award-winning trainer celebrates success with her learners

Award-winning trainer Julie Walsh has been celebrating her win with the people who know her skills the best – her learners.

Julie picked up the outstanding recognition award at Insight conference in December.

The awards, run by Expert Citizens, were designed to celebrate those who have gone the extra mile in helping people with multiple complex needs.

“I was first introduced to Darren at Expert Citizens through my work with Action for Blind People,” said Julie.

“I helped him to gain his qualification in information, advice and guidance as part of his rehabilitation after he left prison.”

Julie, who has been with PTP training since 2012, has now been working with Expert Citizens for more than three years, helping ten of their members gain over 27 qualifications.

“Darren rang me to say that I had been nominated but I never thought I would win,” said Julie.

“Looking at the people I was up against, to me what they were doing was far more important.

“I felt absolutely over the moon and very humble but I didn’t feel worthy.”

Julie Walsh being presented with her award by Expert Citizens Jo Cutz

Jo Cutz, a mentor at Expert Citizens said she couldn’t have done any of it without Julie’s encouragement.

“In the last two years I’ve gained qualifications in maths, first aid, work skills and customer service, all with Julie.

“She gets it right for me and I couldn’t have done it without her. She won’t let you fail.”

Julie, who is currently guiding two more expert citizens through an ICT qualification, said she couldn’t be able to make such a difference without the inspiration from her learners.

“Everyone is there because they want to be.

“They want to be better so they make you put everything you have in as a trainer, even putting in additional support in my own time because they all appreciate that it can’t all be achieved in class time.”

Expert Citizens said:

“We were overwhelmed by the way Julie adapts courses and training styles with creativity, flexibility and empathy and goes the extra mile to keep learners engaged.”

Watch our video where learners Jo Cutts and Rachele Hine tell us why they couldn’t have done it all without Julie.


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