#MySundayPhoto – July 2nd & Home From Holiday

We’reeee baccckk,

Our week in Wales may have been windy and harassed by torrential rain (and seagulls) at times but it’s our holiday. It wouldn’t be a proper British holiday if we didn’t have some sort of weather based battle to contend with.

However, we’ve come back with the most special things – smiles on our faces, memories of our time together, a few extra pounds from the holiday diet, and the photographs to prove it all.

Despite the fact that no-one is looking their most prim and proper, this is my new favourite photo. It’s true. It reminds me of a moment. It has the intensity of colour that we felt in that moment, sitting by the sea in the breeze.

This is our family and I love that. The ginger in the NASA tee (which I have a sneaking suspicion I brought from the pyjama section) and glasses that were free from freshers week. The mini Stoke City fan who still hasn’t decided if he loves or hates the sea plus his six-foot-six namesake who needs a shave and is keeping our sunglasses game weak.



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  1. I love photos that remind you of a certain time and place

    Thank you for linking up


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