#MySundayPhoto – August 27th & One Urban Astronaut

For five weeks our school holidays have been dominated by space. Planets. Rockets.


On Friday we had what I can only describe as the ABSOLUTE PLEASURE of watching some street theatre. The city centre was taken over by talented creatives doing unimaginably impressive things and it may have been the first time in weeks that Jim’s attention was captured for the whole half an hour.

There were a few unshed tears and some reflection on how fragile and beautiful life on Earth is… and that was just from me!!

It was an inspirational and fascinating way to start the bank holiday weekend (& I shall finish a review of it soon because these performances will stick with me for a long while to come).

Happy Sunday fellow astronauts, just floating through space on this rock together.


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  1. blogofdadjames says:

    Looks like fun! #MySundayPhoto


    1. Gemma Walsh says:

      It definitely was!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Tamar says:

    That sounds like heaps of fun!


    1. Gemma Walsh says:

      It certainly was!! Could have watched it again and again. Some talented people!!


  3. I love the silhouette, makes it look like they’re floating

    Thank you for linking up


    1. Gemma Walsh says:

      Thanks, as always, for hosting us Darren.

      He even went upside down and touched the ground – that was pretty trippy while you’re just wandering past Subway.


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