Why You’ll Make It At Staffordshire University

I couldn’t possibly go to university.

What would I have to offer? I’m too young to be away from home. I’m too old to come back to education. Will I make friends? I’m no good at exams and how is it even possible to write ten thousand words in one essay?

These are standard university worries.

The most confident and vocal in a lecture will have them.

The quiet group member whose voice you won’t hear until week three will have them.

You will have them.

However, if there is anything my three years at Staffs Uni have taught me it’s this…

This is where you belong.

Bring your children – we have great childcare.

Come with your disabilities – we have experts here to help.

Arrive with nothing and we will give it all to you. Knowledge, enthusiasm, support, campus shops so you don’t even need to remember a pen and paper.

Whatever level of confidence you come with, we can work with it.

If, on that first day (a day on which I cried in the lecture theatre), you’d told me that I would interview three MPs in one day, I wouldn’t have believed you.

If you had said I would film a news segment outside crown court – and enjoy it! – I wouldn’t have believed you.

If you would have said I would make it, with friends for life, I might not have believed you… but here we are.

We all make it in our own way at Staffordshire University.


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