Face Painting With Snazaroo & Weekend Box

Being an extrovert with an introverted child can sometimes present a ‘first world problem’.

This has included Jim being too scared of one of my favourite childhood activities – face painting.

Until this summer he had never had his face painted but now that he’s broken the ice, I am fully prepared to throw ourselves into decorating our faces at any given suitable (or frowned upon) opportunity.

Our artistic and technically skills may be lacking but we gave Snazaroo and Weekend Box a try for our first home face painting experience.

We have subscribed to Weekend Box previously and loved the characters, activities, and attention to detail

Because we’ve never used face paint at home before I completely forgot about the water so it was handy that there was a designated compartment (with a water drop symbol at the bottom) to remind me.

Obviously, with boys, it didn’t stay where it was meant to for very long.

For Halloween we are planning a Ghostbusters theme so, even though we didn’t have a red, we started with a logo. I mean, how hard can a circle with a line through it be?

Well, when your child won’t stop laughing… quite hard.

I always imagine face paint as the thick white they used to use as a base layer in the 90’s but this was easy to apply (and reapply when we made it too runny the first time).

Although it lost a few bristles in the process, the paintbrush was good (because, let’s be real, we’ve all done crafts with crappy paintbrushes and ain’t nobody got time for that).

Even the stamps were great – one quick dip into the paint and press and it actually came out as a recognisable shape the first time.

This I can attest to by the smiley face on my forehead.

The Technical Bit

Snazaroo kits are Mumsnet rated and suitable for sensitive skin. My skin is very sensitive and I had zero reaction considering the amount that Jim painted into my eyebrows.

They’re made in the UK, fragrance and paraben free, gentle on young skin and easy to wash off with soap and water.

The Verdict 

As a face painting virgin I can’t say I have much to compare it too but we thoroughly enjoyed the half hour activity that it gave it. Apart from trying to mitigate any water damage we had made due to our own excitement, the actual kit took very little clean up and will be ready to play with again.

It was easy to get back into the packaging (which isn’t always a given) and to wrap back up for next time, rather than just being thrown in the random craft box and getting ruined.

However, for me it took a little while to get off. The yellow that Jim decided to smear up my arm took quite a lot of scrubbing and the orange also faded to a yellow stain. It took over half a dozen wipes of my face with Micellar water to remove.

Saying that, it came off Jim (both his arms & face) okay, with only minimal scrubbing and didn’t leave the yellow stain behind half as much.

The end result: We are still rubbish at anything artistic but we had a fun half an hour and it’s ready to use again. At only £2.99 they’re worth a go. 3/5


Disclaimer: This box was gifted by Andy at Weekend Box, although everything in this review is my own experience and opinion. We have previous subscribed to Weekend Box as a family and thoroughly enjoyed the company and their craft activities.


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