The Me That’s Starting A Masters Degree

On the very first day on my undergraduate degree in 2014 I took a picture of myself in the toilets – I know, super classy for the first day of university as a mature student.

I had a two-year-old, I’d already cried in the lecturer theatre (with the lights down) and I had zero idea what would await me for the next three years.

I did the same thing on the day I handed in my dissertation and compared how much the last three years had changed (aged) me.

Then I had a crazy idea – to do it all over again. To document the first day of my post-graduate education…

This is where I’m starting and the person who comes out of the other side will, hopefully, be stronger, smarter and still have some sanity left.

This time around I have a 5-year-old, who has almost as much homework as me.

I’ve been Mrs Walsh for nearly 4 years rather than just a few months.

I obviously have a lot more certificates hanging on my wall, including a journalism degree and professional qualifications in media law and public affairs.

I can write in the ‘code’ that is Teeline Shorthand at a respectable speed, although I can’t always read what I’ve written.

I’ve discovered Spotify, probably purchased well over 300 new books, and now drive a black Hyundai instead of a bright blue one.

We have a yellow bird as part of our family but still have no plans to add more kids to the Walsh clan, yet.

I can use a touch screen phone now… mainly to fuel my Instagram addiction.

I’m voluntarily ginger but the underneath of my hair is currently shaved off to a number two… and I love it!!

I now have to wear glasses for driving or looking at anything more than four metres in front of me because I’m getting old.

I didn’t have to quit my job this time for my education because I get to work from university as a student and digital ambassador (those are two separate jobs – one old, one new).

I’m also now gluten free due to intolerance of gluten and Buddhist, due to intolerance of ignorance.

My skin is currently horrific, I’m a few pounds heavier and a lot closer to 30.

However, some things never change, and hopefully never will. I’ll still be in my Christmas socks (and pants) all year round. I’ll probably still have baby brain. I’ll still be making people’s lives more complicated than they need be, but I try to do it with a little sunshine.

Who will I be in the *fingers crossed* year and a half until I finish this degree? Who knows. I’ll definitely be older, hopefully wiser, and maybe I’ll have some tiny idea of what to do next.

Until then… I’ll focus on making it a good journey… and staying grounded enough to keep take photos in toilets.


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  1. hexmum says:

    Welcome to #Blogtober17 i’m looking forward to finding out more!


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