The Rise of The Love Advent

Forget Elf on the shelf… I’ll enjoy that from afar. Forget chocolate calendars… I deserve a proper serving of sugar daily. Forget reverse advent calendars…

Only joking on that last one. We’re actually doing a reverse advent calendar for the first time ever this year… but I digress.

After noticing some of the procrastination rabbit holes I was getting in to on the internet (coupled with a rather serious conversation with a nine-year-old about directions in life) I have decided to fill every day of my December with something a little bit different.


Every day in December I’m going to take time out and celebrate the things that I truly llooovvveeeeee!!

When times get stressful, I’m going to spend some time either on memory lane or a current rave dance party. Whatever rabbit hole I want to dive down and whatever part of my personality I want to rejoice in.

You see, as adults, we now spend most of our time doing one of two things – doing things we don’t like rather than things we enjoy, or suppressing guilty pleasures as we worry what the outside world might think about us.

So, here is the challenge:

Once a day, when you feel the need, stop and find something that makes you truly happy.

It doesn’t matter if it’s weird, or not the norm, or maybe so mainstream that it goes against your whole reputation.

Google someone you really admire and be inspired by them. Watch that TedTalk you’ve wanted to indulge in for a while. Watch that video you’ve already seen a million times. Look up that cheesy old song on Spotify. Watch really cringe-worthy old fan videos on YouTube like you’re 17 again.

What. Ever. It. May. Be.


Spend at least ten minutes with the things from your past and present that make you smile. Feel those emotions and memories. No worrying about the who, what, where or why they mean so much to you or why you feel that way.

Just feel that joy and rejoice in it.

Pop along to Mrs Walsh on Facebook and see what I love. It’s bound to get really weird.

Let’s get festive (or not). Just have fun.


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