What The Christmas/New Year Limbo Is Really For

I mean, apart from waving husband off back to work with my best stink eye as I plan to spent the limbo week in the house with stray Lego pieces and board games that we still haven’t figured out to play.

Work is a break, mate.

Anyway, back to the limbo…

We’ve spent most of it indoors, in our PJs, recovering from carb hangover, avoiding the ice outside and organising and reorganising the present pile that’s still in the corner of the room.

I’ve eagerly got out my new diaries and notebooks ready for January first and watched many an Instagram story of other people wandering around just as excited/depressed/aimless as me.

Only, this year I don’t feel quite so aimless. I feel calm in my excitement. There are things I want to aim for – mostly unintelligible things (feelings, if you will) – but I don’t know if I should be pursuing them just yet. After all – what will be the point of January first if I start now?

I feel guilty for writing lists like I’m working. Surely I should be making the most of the limbo…

But I’m not writing work lists.

I’m dreaming. I’m fantasizing.

I’m nurturing the things that my mind is automatically prioritising for the one time of the year that it’s clear from any other urgent responsibility.

The things I feel the urge to do now, the ones that usually stay on my to do list until the very end, suddenly seem like fun.

I must want to tidy the house (a little). I must want to potter about and create new thoughts and projects. I must what to meditate and do squats, although not together.

I must want to start them now!!


Even if they contradict your plans.

Go for that first run in five years today THEN eat 25 left over pigs in blankets with a chaser of Baileys.

Stop smoking 15 a day then have a cigar you’ve had since a wedding celebration in 2013 just before bed.

Start what you want to start – with no pressure. After all, it doesn’t count.

What we don’t tend to do enough is listen to ourselves. We don’t listen to what would make us happy in that moment and we don’t listen to what our body or mind is trying to tell us about why our plans seem to be failing by week two. Then we feel bad about it.

There will be none of that here. This is your week to finally listen to yourself. Trial things out. No pressure. No commitment.

Excitement only!!

Follow your heart/feelings/instinct/urges. Whatever you want to listen to – just make sure it’s yourself.

Dance or sit on your arse. Dance THEN sit on your arse. Dance while sitting on your arse.

Just stop feeling like you’re wasting your life (or like social media needs to tell you what to do with it) and spend the limbo listening to what you actually want and like.

After all, it’s over another 300 days until we all get our annual Christmas time paradox dimension again.



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